This Wednesday’s Workshop: Advanced and Unusual (bike) Topics and Parts

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Hello again bike enthusiasts,

Le Petit Vélo Rouge (in cooperation with The Flat) is hosting the last in our current workshop series this Wednesday (February 15th).  This week: a grab-bag of ‘advanced’ topics (or ones we didn’t cover elsewhere).  These may include (exact mix will depend on the participants and materials):

– the 5-minute safety check (a good review of the other workshops), including how to tell whether a frame should be written off
– frame and fork alignment- checking them and fixing them; bending frames and forks to your will
– attaching and removing headset cups and fork crown races
– unsticking or removing seized items (seatpost/stem/BB/miscellaneous bolts) (will depend on availability of seized items and various heavy weapons to unseize them)

– ‘unusual’, older or newer BBs and cranks, namely
– cottered cranks
– 1-piece (Ashtabula) cranks
– splined, hollow-axle, or external bearing BBs*
– bike sizing/fit/comfort
– disk brakes*

[*these are possible but unlikely; they will depend on someone bringing a bike which has these items, and being OK with us messing with them]

In any event, it promises to be an interesting evening.

The particulars:
Wednesday February 15th, 19:00 – 21:00
Where: The Flat Bike Collective, 3480 Rue McTavish, Room B02
For: Everyone!
Cost:  $5 suggested donation to LPVR
Who: Le Petit Velo Rouge
RSVP: (or just show up)

– Your friends at Le Petit Vélo Rouge

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