Winter Riding Workshop

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As part of our winter mechanics workshop series, we are holding a Winter Riding workshop on December 14th, 7-9pm.

Check out our winter riding zine, ahead of time to know what we will be talking about!

Please RSVP as space is limited:

Why ride in the winter?
Riding in the winter is fun! We see it as the most practical winter sport – once you get used to how your bike handles in the diff erent types of snow, you will find it is the only comfortable way to get around.

Surprisingly, riding in winter tends to be warmer than walking or taking public transport. Since you are moving your body so much, you end up generating your own heat. Standing around waiting for the bus is a sure-fi re way  of getting cold and miserable, and stepping off the over-heated metro with your full winter-penguinoutfi t is a great way for your sweat to keep you nice and frosty. On your bike, you take advantage of the crisp air that the  winter provides – lungfulls of that will easily lift you out of those winter blues.

The best part of riding in the winter is the way it peaks all of your senses. Riding at night, right after a powdery snowfall when all the cars are safely  tucked away in their garages, there is an intense silence. Th e only thing you hear is the snow getting crushed under your tires, a noise you will come to crave during the muggy summer. This noise vibrates through your whole body, and even though you are almost fl oating over the road, you feel completely connected to it. You will start learning the diff erent types of snow and ice, and the way they change how your bike feels under you. You will  realize how diff erent cars smell in the winter – their engines straining against the cold (but you only get stronger as the winter gets colder!). You will taste the salt, that awful stuff that will destroy your humble steed if you  aren’t careful…

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