Le Petit Vélo Rouge invited to 4th annual NDG Eco-fete!

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Le Petit Vélo Rouge as been invited to attend the 4th annual Notre-Dame-De-Grace Eco-fete. This event is being held at Paul-Doyon Park on Saturday September 10th from 1pm to 4pm. One of the principal organizers of this event is Eco-quartier Notre-Dame-De-Grace. Created in 1995, Eco-quartier is an organization of community action, engagement, awareness, and environmental responsibility. Staff and volunteers work to promote environmental sustainability, and provide information on everything from recycling bins to intergenerational gardening. They also encourage the use of  alternative transportation such as cycling. Le Petit Vélo Rouge will be at the NDG Eco-fete to introduce ourselves to the NDG community, give out information on how to get involved with our project, and explain how to purchase a reconditioned bike.

As a group, we strongly believe in reducing our ecological impact by promoting the recycling and reuse of used bikes and bike parts. We want to keep bikes out of Montreal’s waste stream!  Bicycles do little to degrade the environment. They create no noise, no stink, no pollution, and no congestion. They do not require massive highways or extensive parking areas. A bicycle, powered by two feet and a heart beat, is a sustainable, accessible, and affordable transportation solution.

Join us September 10th at Paul-Doyon Park!

NDG Eco-Fete

September 10, 2011


Paul-Doyon Park (corner of Monkland and Girouard)

For more information click here: NDG Eco-fete

For general information on Eco-quartier NDG

Photo taken from Manchester Cycle Chic

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