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We have been busy here at Le Petit Vélo Rouge. In the last two months we’ve built and sold nine bikes (yes, a large number of them were indeed red!). You can check out some of the bikes that we’ve put back on the road here.

We now have two bikes in stock, ready for you to ride away. All of our bikes come with a tune-up after two weeks, and all the help you need to keep your ride rideable after that from the volunteers at Montreal’s many bike collectives. We even package Shelley Jackson & Ethan Clarke’s great ‘a rough guide to bicycle maintenance‘ zine.

If you are interested in any of these bikes send Farid an email at:

Purple Murple: $130
This is Purple Murple. An old CCM “2000 Racer” with all the original components (including purple housing!). This bike is a little smaller than most – 48cm from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube, and 53 cm from the centre of the seat tube to the centre of the steer tube. It will probably fit someone about 5’0″ to 5’3″.
27″ steel wheels, with leather hub ‘shiners’.

Download the sale sheet for more info!

Purple Murple bike for sale, built by LPVR. $130.
Purple Murple

Capitaine Haddock: $90
This is Capitaine Haddock, named after the famous Tintin character. A more rugged “mountain” bike, perfect for riding the pothole ridden Montreal streets. Another small one, the height from centre of bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube measures 46cm. Great for someone around 5’0″. This one has a few new parts on it, including SunRace friction shifters, a new SunRace derailer, and a new six-speed Shimano cassette.

Download the sale sheet for more info!

Capitaine Haddock bike build by LPVR. $90
Capitaine Haddock

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