Le Petit Vélo Rouge (LPVR) is a collectively run campus and community bike organization in Montreal. The organization was founded in 2010 with the short-term goal of repairing used bicycles for sale to students at Concordia and across Montreal campuses. Five years later, a renewed group of LPVR volunteers have been working towards the long term goal of the project: to open a community focused bicycle repair shop at the Loyola campus. LPVR, which once focused all its energy towards repairing and selling used bicycles is now planning to diversify its activities in order to fill a need and benefit the community of students, staff, faculty and neighbours in NDG. Today, LPVR’s mission is to promote sustainability and active transportation by fixing and selling refurbished bikes and through educational outreach (workshops, events, resources). We will strive to create an anti-oppressive, inclusive space where students and non-students alike are empowered to fix bikes, share resources and build community.

We are partly funded by a Concordia University Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) grant which will help us with our goal of opening up a shop and installing shop infrastructure. We are also funded by Right To Move and the Concordia Student Union.

As a group, we strongly believe in reducing our ecological impact by promoting the recycling and reuse of used bikes and bike parts. We want to keep your bike out of Montreal’s waste stream! Even if a bike is not rideable, it has parts that can be salvaged. Bicycles do little to degrade the environment. They create no noise, no stink, no pollution, and no congestion. They do not require massive highways or extensive parking areas. A bicycle, powered by two feet and a heart beat, is a sustainable, accessible, and affordable transportation solution. Ride on!

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We are located at PS Building Room 141 at Loyola campus. open hours TBD
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Email: petitvelorouge@gmail.com

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